Pohjanmaan Raudoite is a FI certified, reliable manufacturer of industrial reinforcement elements in Southern Ostrobothnia. We specialise in the production of high quality and dimensionally accurate reinforcement bars and installation-ready components. Our services and products offer element factories, construction firms and the metal industry a cost-effective solution for production.

Pohjanmaan Raudoite

The family business, Pohjanmaan Raudoite, has operated since 1983 and produces reinforcement elements as serial production and according to individual plans. The facilities are located in the industrial area of Roves, in Seinäjoki, with good transport connections. The diverse products are produced for customers across Finland in a reliable and flexible manner. The professional staff produces accurate reinforcement elements in a timely manner and with several years of experience.


We produce dimensionally accurate reinforcement elements for customers on time and with reliable delivery. It is a matter of honour for us that customers can keep to schedules and our operations are flexible, where necessary, if the plans of work sites change. The locations of our partners across the country allow our participation in various interesting construction sites.

FI certificate

Since 2004, the company has been part of the inspection operations of FI-Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy, and the reinforcement elements have been granted a FI certificate.

Pohjanmaan Raudoite Oy
Pajantie 12
60100 Seinäjoki

(06) 4149 744


Bank details
OP Peräseinäjoki
FI59 5338 0220 0296 25

Y-tunnus: 1889709-8