Reinforcements with decades of experience

There was a demand in the market for a company that carried out reinforcement work, and Asko Julmala founded a company called Pohjanmaan Tasobetoni ja Raudoite in 1983. This was the beginning of Pohjanmaan Raudoite’s story. As a pioneer in the industry, a factory hall was built, which was new among reinforcement work.

The business operations were developed in 1987, when Engineer Timo Luukko purchased half of the company and started operating as the Chief Executive Officer. Timo strengthened the technical and managerial expertise of the company. During the initial years, the company produced concrete flooring in addition to reinforcement. Over time, focus was made on reinforcement and the production of flooring was given up. The high-quality reinforcement elements became the trademark of the company. 

In 1994, the company’s name was changed to Pohjanmaan Raudoite. The element factories’ need was on further processed products, due to which focus was paid on the production of ready-made reinforcement elements, and the installation operations carried out at construction sites were ceased. The machinery was automated and the factory was expanded in 1998. During the next year, the company was awarded with a local Entrepreneur of the Year award. After the expansion, the company’s facilities doubled in size. In 2004, when the business activities increased, the form of the company became a limited liability company and accessed the scope of Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy’s quality control.

Once the entrepreneurs had worked in the company for three decades, it was topical to consider, whether Raudoite’s story would continue as a family business. To begin with, it seemed as though there was no-one in either family to continue the operations. Timo’s three daughters each familiarised in the factory’s operations while working there in the summer and as peak season assistants. The youngest daughter, Pia, was interested in the opportunity to continue the business operations, which led to the family of Luukko purchasing all the shares of the company

While preparing for entrepreneurship, Pia first completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Seinäjoki’s University of Applied Sciences, after which she graduated as an engineer from Turku’s University of Applied Sciences. Alongside her engineering studies, Pia gained work experience from the reinforcement work at the element factory.

At Pohjanmaan Raudoite, the recently graduated engineer in building technologies began working in production, where her duties involved all stages from the production of components to the assembly of reinforcement elements. After the practical work, orientation in the company’s operating methods continued with familiarising in production design, customer accounts and partners. At the beginning of July 2018, Pia Luukko was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

In the future, Pia wishes to continue the company’s operations by taking care of the customers and serving them in a reliable manner. The cornerstones of production continue to be consistent work and accurate delivery times. As director, Pia appreciates her professional and experienced staff, to whom the determined woman is already familiar from home.

"You can rely on the operations and quality of Pohjanmaan Raudoite. The products are dimensionally accurate and the delivery times are held up."

Pia Luukko, Chief Executive Officer

Pohjanmaan Raudoite Oy
Pajantie 12
60100 Seinäjoki

(06) 4149 744

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